Friday, June 10, 2011

New job, new apartment, new beginning!

It's no secret that May was a tough month for myself and for Kyle.  Three days before graduation, and four days before we were supposed to move to the beach Kyle received a call from his job in Gulf Shores saying his position may no longer be available.  Long story short Kyle did not get the job he was originally promised and all our plans changed.  We went from both having jobs and having a place to live in Gulf Shores, to have no jobs and no where to go.  It was a difficult time but God had his hand in the entire situation.

May 9th we graduated from Auburn University!!! I have never been so happy and so miserable at the same time in all my life.  I was ecstatic that the day had finally arrived when I no longer had to be a part of Auburn's nursing program (it was a severe love-hate relationship).  The day didn't start off as smoothly as I had planned though...but when does anything go as planned?? First thing in the morning as I was taking pictures with my family I stepped in a massive pile of something a dog left behind. I didn't realize I had it on my shoe so I tracked it all the way through my apartment into my bedroom...Awesome! Thankfully I had a sweet uncle Kevin who came to my rescue and cleaned up the dog poop so I could leave for graduation.  The ceremony was long and extremely hot!!! People were passing out from the heat and the staff at the ceremony were running out of water to give the graduates.  It was by far the most miserable day and the most informal graduation ceremony I've ever been to! But we survived and I am now so happy to say that I'm a COLLEGE GRADUATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After graduation things spun into a whirlwind of job seeking and apartment hunting.  Kyle and I were completely lost as to where to even begin looking for jobs.  So many cities, but only so many jobs.  Again, God had his hand in it all.  We fervently prayed and waited and waited and waited for something to open up.  Between the two of us we easily applied for 50 jobs within a 3 week time period.  Nothing seemed to be opening up, but we pressed on.  One night Kyle's dad mentioned to him that he should look into applying at a veterinarian's clinic.  He was initially hesitant because it isn't exactly in his field.  However, he applied to every vet clinic in Montgomery anyway.  He received a call back from one for an interview last week.  I spent so much time praying for this interview.  After his interview was over Kyle immediately called me with good news! He mentioned that they were looking for a Vet tech possibly, and they were specifically looking for someone to live in the apartment above the clinic.  The clinic wants to be able to care for critical animals 24 hours a day and having someone living at the clinic allows them to do this.  It also gives the 3 veterinarians peace of mind knowing that someone is right there with the animals at night.  They took Kyle to see the clinic and then to see the apartment.  He loved it, but of course I was skeptical of an apartment above a vet's office. A few days later I was able to visit the clinic and the apartment and I was completely blown away!! The apartment is very nice and has everything we were looking for! I almost started crying when I saw it because I couldn't believe that we get to live in it for free! God moved so many mountains for us.  Kyle got a job and we got a (FREE) place to live all in the same day!!! We are blessed beyond what we deserve.

Sunday, after I take the NCLEX (dun dun dun...) I'm going to Montgomery to help my sweet fiance move into the new apartment.  I can't believe this is all finally falling into place.  We are so blessed and so happy!

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  1. Crazy awesome praise to God in the highest for sure!